Chocolate Peanut Butter Green Smoothie

Welcome to another New Recipe Tuesday! This week I wanted to bring something super healthy and full of nutrition. I know most of you guys have resolutions revolving around eating healthier, detoxing and getting in shape. Therefore, I wanted this week’s recipe to be something that can help you on this journey. I strongly believe that as long as you’re providing your body with real and nourishing foods, it will repay you by giving you full energy, beautiful skin, and strength.

My favorite way to start my day is with a green smoothie. With the weather being so cold I do tend to opt for a more warm breakfast like oatmeal or breakfast quinoa instead. However, I still have a smoothie later on for a snack. I just don’t feel as energized when I don’t have my daily green smoothie. My daughter loves drinking smoothies too. My favorite part about giving her green smoothies is that I know she is starting her day with a meal full of essential vitamins and minerals she needs. If she gives me trouble with the rest of her meals during the rest of the day, I can have some peace of mind that she had a pretty substantial breakfast.

I am really excited to share this recipe with you guys because technically it is my first smoothie recipe ever! When I make smoothies I don’t really measure anything. I eye all of my ingredients and pretty much just mix my favorite fruits and vegetables, blend them with any dairy-free milk, chia seeds, and my favorite spices like ground cinnamon and turmeric. I always make enough for my daughter, husband and myself. Never have really stopped to make a recipe out of my smoothies.

This particular smoothie is one that I started making for my daughter when we were sick for that long period of time at the end of last year. Both her and I had very little appetite and I just had no energy to cook. We were relying on soups and smoothies. I wanted to make a smoothie that contained more protein and greens to help us get some energy and feel better. My daughter loves peanut butter and chocolate so I decided to use these to give the smoothie a flavor she liked and wouldn’t deny. I also wanted to make sure it contained a fruit and I love how well banana goes with chocolate and peanut butter.

When it comes to adding chocolate to my recipes I always use cacao powder. If you’re not familiar with cacao powder it is not the same as cocoa powder. Contrary to cocoa powder, cacao powder is not over processed and rather it is a very healthy super food. Cacao powder is a high source of antioxidants and rich in magnesium. It is actually said that it contains the highest source of magnesium of all foods.

So even though this smoothie may sound and taste like a treat, it is actually a very nutritious and beneficial meal or snack. Also, it is actually very filling. The banana and peanut butter make it a pretty substantial breakfast that will keep you full for a while. It really helped Emma and I out while we were sick. It was very tasty to enjoy especially at a time when we felt like we couldn’t enjoy many foods.

If you’re looking for healthy breakfast recipes, green smoothies, healthier foods/meals, definitely add this one to your list. This smoothie will keep you energized and ready to take on the day and tackle all of those New Year’s goals and resolutions. This smoothie has become by go to smoothie. Especially when I get home from the gym. It makes me feel good and my daughter looks forward to it everyday. She asks for her chocolate smoothie almost everyday. This is the perfect green smoothie to get back to healthy and for any chocolate and peanut butter lover.

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Chocolate Peanut Butter Green Smoothie

Prep Time 3 minutes
Total Time 3 minutes
Servings 2
Angelica Arias The Peachee Pear


  • 16 oz almond milk
  • 1 ripe banana
  • 1 handful baby spinach
  • 2 tbsp cacao powder
  • 2-3 tbsp peanut butter
  • 2 tbsp chia seeds
  • 1 tsp honey


  1. Add all ingridients into a blender.

  2. Blend until all ingredients' are well blended and smooth consistency is reached. 

  3. Serve in a handle mason jar or tall glass with a straw.

This Chocolate Peanut Butter Green Smoothie is creamy, healthy and full of nutrition. Great to start your day full of energy and tackle your goals and New Years resolutions.


  1. This seriously sounds so yummy. I am trying to eat healthier so I will be giving this a try!

    1. Thank you! This is super healthy and so easy to make!

  2. Michelle

    Such a great & easy recipe! Can’t wait to try it out

    1. Thank you so much Michelle!

  3. Marjie Mare

    What a clever way for me to introduce green to my picky daughter. Thanks for sharing that healthy smoothie recipe

    1. Thank you Marjie! Glad this is helpful for you and your family.

  4. Chocolate peanut butter is my go-to smoothie flavor 😁

  5. I love using cacao in recipes and especially to give the chocolately taste to smoothies. If the bananas are nice and ripe, I don’t even add honey!

    1. I love cacao! Pure chocolate and so tasty. Yea with ripe bananas it makes it sweet enough.

  6. We love making smoothies on our busy mornings or just as a midday snack!

    1. We love them for breakfast or a snack too!

  7. Jamie

    This sounds like such a yummy, healthy combination! Love peanut butter in everything.

    1. Thank you Jamie! My daughter and husband love peanut butter too!

  8. Brittany

    Yumm! That sounds delicious!!

  9. YES!!! You had me at the chocolate peanut butter combo but won me over at green smoothie. Anything to curve my peanut butter cup addiction and give me more vitamins and minerals I am game!!

    1. It’s such a great combo! Very creamy and the chocolate and peanut butter make it so good!

  10. Looks delish! The picture with a green straw immediately makes me think of starbucks, maybe I can tell myself that’s what it is and make a healthier choice of this drink instead!

    1. Thank you Jasmine! Lol I didn’t think of that until you pointed it out! Haha!

  11. oh this looks good! wish i could have peanut butter!

    1. Oh no! Maybe you can try it without the peanut butter it with sunflower seed butter?

  12. My kids are super picky about smoothies but this seems like one I might be able to sneak past them.

    1. Once they tatse the chocolate and peanut butter they might like it.

  13. This sounds so good! I like that you can add a little green to it and it still tastes amazing!

    1. Thank you! Yes the chocolate and peanut butter overpower everything else.

  14. It looks delicious! I really have no fantasy when it comes to smoothies, I usually just go with banana, strawberries and milk, so definitely need more recipes 😀

    1. Thank you Viktoria! I’m almost the same. I usually just throw anything in there. But I want to start making more smoothie recipes I can share on here for others.

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