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Valentine’s Day Lunch- Festive Lunchbox

Happy Friday guys! Today is week two of our Valentine’s Day Series and today I have a special and very festive lunch! I decided to make it in a way that it can packed in a lunchbox. This way it can be used as a toddler lunch for school or to have a picnic style lunch at home.

For this meal I wanted to use food that could easily be shaped into a heart. Since lunches are usually something that needs to be packed or served quickly; this Valentine’s Day lunch will be exactly that. An easy and effortless lunch to pack for your little ones.

The best part is that it’s also a lunch that can be made for everyone in the family. Even mom and dad can eat this! And if your kids are not in school yet then you can just serve it in a regular divider plate.

So for our Valentine’s Day lunch we are serving my Broccoli and Cheese Quesadillas. These are super easy to make and very healthy. To make these more festive we are going to use a cookie cutter to turn them into a cute heart shaped quesadilla. Make the quesadillas as usual and then use your cookie cutter to cut into them and turn them into a heart. Get my recipe for my Broccoli and Cheese Quesadillas here.

Next we are making these cute berry skewers. I bought these heart shaped picks and thought they would be perfect. I found these at the dollar store and I’m sure you can find any similar ones on amazon or target. Take some blueberries and raspberries, use your heart shaped picks to make some skewers.

For the next two sides I used another heart shaped cookie cutter but a slightly smaller one. I made heart shaped cucumbers and strawberries. The heart shaped cucumbers are to be served with hummus. You can use any type of hummus you prefer. With the strawberries I made a sort of parfait. I used plain Greek yogurt and served it in one of the compartments. Then I topped it with the heart shaped strawberries. I also used Valentine’s Day sprinkles to make the yogurt even more festive.

As you can see this is a very simple lunch to make and put together. It’s also friendly for both baby and toddler. Even moms and dads can eat it. It’s super cute and adds a special touch to a special day.

For our craft I have a very awesome and adorable activity to make for the kids. You can even make it with the kids too. These are special Non-Candy Valentine’s Day Cards. These cute cards are made by Christy from Happy Family Blog. They’re perfect for kids to bring to school for their classmates. Many kids have food allergies to different things so brining non-food related cars for everyone can be very thoughtful. Read all about it and get all the directions here.

Hope you guys enjoyed this week’s meal of our Valentine’s Day Series. We are a step closer to a day full of love and delicious foods. Next week we have our special Valentine’s Day dinner and this one happens to be my favorite one! I also have not one but two fun Valentine’s Day crafts from another amazing blogger mama! Make sure you stop by next Friday for this next part of our series! Have a great week guys!

Special Valentine’s Day lunchbox for your baby or toddler. Perfect to celebrate the day! Plus featuring an awesome craft from another amazing mama blogger!


  1. This post has inspired me to make my daughter’s lunch a little more special. She loves hearts and points them out everywhere!

    1. Aww I’m so happy to hear this lunch inspired you to make one for your daughter. She sounds like such a sweet girly girl!

  2. Oh my goodness, this is the cutest lunch! You can feel the love flowing out of the lunch box. I really love this, I can’t wait to pack lunches for my little guy.

    1. Thank you so much! That’s such a sweet compliment!

  3. Shell

    Oh my goodness these are absolutely the cutest lunches ever! They are so charming and sweet!!!

    1. Thank you so much Shell! That means a lot!

  4. This is extremely cute and creative ! My girls would LOVE this!

    1. Thank you so much Chantal! I appreciate it!

  5. How cute is that lunch box? I know my daughters will love the little hearts in their lunch boxes. They already enjoy finding little notes from me and dad.

    1. Thank you! That’s such a sweet idea to add notes to their lunches from you guys! Love it!

  6. Jenni Petrey

    These are some great ideas, if only my kids would eat this! They’d take one look and completely lose it!

    1. I can relate! My daughter can be such a picky eater at times. I just keep serving her the stuff she rejects and eventually she comes around and tries it and eats it.

  7. All the pretty hearts <3 🙂 I love it.

  8. Ashley Peavey

    This is the cutest little lunch ever! The hearts are just adorable!

    1. Thank you so much Ashley! I’m so happy you liked it!

  9. I never thought about shaping a Quesadilla! I think is a fun idea ♥

    1. It’s so much fun to make and see it come out shaped like a heart. So cute!

  10. Such a cute idea! Making the effort with little things like lunch can make such a difference x

    1. Thank you! I agree. I think it makes a big difference especially with kids.

  11. Nadene

    So cute! Lovely ideas for a lunch box

    1. Thank you so much Nadene!

  12. I have a house full of boys. I’m going to try this out and hope they love it as much as I do!!

    1. Lol I’m sure they’ll enjoy it for Valentines Day and celebrate with their mama!

  13. This is super cute! One thing I am working on this year is being more creative with my daughter’s lunches!! She will love this idea!

    1. Yayy I’m so happy to hear you like this idea and are willing to try it for your daughter!

  14. This is such a cute idea. Maybe I should make a lunch for my kids just for that day 🙂

    1. Thank you Mia! It could be special for the day!

  15. Jen

    This looks amazing! I’ll have to try something similar in an attempt to get my fussy eater to eat!

    1. I’ve found it hat making colorful and cute meals helps toddlers eat them better.

  16. This is so cute! I’m such a minimalist lunch preparer. My kids will be talking about this for months if I do it, lol.

    1. Lol it could be something to make an extra special Valentine’s Day for your family!

  17. Sharon

    This is so cute! One question, do the quesadillas taste as good at room temperature in a lunch box as they do freshly made? Thanks!

    1. Thank you! Yes we’ve eaten them like that and never had a problem with the taste. We do however keep an ice pack in our lunch bag tho.

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