Hello there and welcome! I’m really glad to have you here and to share a little more about myself and my family with you. My name is Angelica (everyone calls me Angie so you can call me that too if you prefer) and I absolutely love to cook and develop new healthy recipes for my family. I feel humbled and excited to get to share them with you. I hope to inspire you guys to make homemade baby food for your baby and/or healthy meals for your whole family. I know balancing life as a mom while staying healthy can be very hard. My mission is to make your path to a healthier lifestyle a little easier and fun! Being healthy doesn’t have to be boring or tedious and that’s what I’m hoping you take away from this blog.

Currently I reside in Rhode Island with my husband George and our beautiful daughter Emma. I am a stay at home to the smartest and funniest baby girl I have ever met. She has the biggest personality and keeps me laughing all day long with her silliness. She loves food, books, dancing and to climb things. She climbs anything from the tv stand to the stairs!  You will definitely be seeing a lot of her on here. She’s my little sidekick and we do everything together. Her and my husband are also my guinea pigs when it comes to my recipe tasting. If they don’t approve, it won’t make it on here until I have improved it and passed their tasting test.

Above all, I am my biggest critic and I am a perfectionist. I make sure my recipes are of great quality before sharing them. I know how hectic and chaotic life can me for any mom. The last thing you need is to try a recipe that fails. I am all about quality over quantity. This is why I have taken my time to but this blog together for you guys. I wanted to ensure that it was full of helpful and delicious recipes that will really make a difference in your lives.

So far you know that I am married, have a daughter and live in Rhode Island. You also know that I’m a stay at home mom who loves to cook and develop heathy recipes. What else can I tell you about myself? Well, I graduated from Johnson & Wales University with an Associates in Business Administration and a Bachelor’s in Entrepreneurship. My love for health and nutrition doesn’t end in the kitchen. I do work out on a regular basis but I was just able to get back into it recently. After I had Emma I did go through postpartum depression and things were a little rough for me. It took me sometime to get back on track and to start feeling like myself again. Going to the gym regularly and cooking creatively have played a big role in helping my mental health get better.

I didn’t become a stay at home mom right after I had Emma. After my maternity leave was over, I went back to work. After about five months of working full time and taking care of a baby, my husband and I decided the best thing for our family was for me to stay home full time. I know I was a working mom for a very short period of time but I still got a small taste of it. This gave me an understanding of what is like to balance life with a baby and working a 9-5. I also learned how to get organized and meal prep for my baby and my husband and myself. I didn’t want to spend endless hours in the kitchen missing out on quality time with my family. Again, quality over quantity is always key!

Other than being a mom and loving food, I also enjoy music, concerts, and traveling. My husband and I do want to have more kids so maybe in the near future we will make a new addition to the family. For now it’s just the three of us and we are just enjoying the time as new parents and watching our little girl grow. If you guys have any questions or wish to know anything else about me feel free to ask! I am an opened book for the most part!