Valentine’s Day Baby Puree- Beet, Parsnip, Raspberries and Chia (6 m+)

Is it me or is this series flying by? I can’t believe we’re almost at the end of my Valentine’s Day Series. Next week will be the last week and conclude this fun and exciting series. I guess time really does fly when you’re having fun! Am I right?

I hope you guys have been enjoying this series as much as I have. I hope I have given you some great ideas on how to celebrate your Valentine’s Day with your family. Today’s feature is a cute and fun one.

Today I have a delicious purée for those of you who have infants at home who are still eating baby food. Who says baby can’t be included in your Valentine’s Day celebration? They will also have their own meal uniquely made for them and still very festive with it being a bright red purée.

This Baby Valentine’s Day Purée is made with beets, parsnips, raspberries and chia. It has a very tasty flavor with the beets and raspberry making it pretty sweet. You can taste a hint of parsnip which gives it a special surprising taste for baby. Especially if they’ve never had parsnip before.

In addition to this purée being delicious, it is also packed with many vitamins and nutrients that are essential for babies. The chia seeds add a lot of protein, fiber and omega-3’s which are very important for baby’s development. It also gives it a great thick texture perfect for baby to easily taste, chew and swallow. I would recommend this purée for babies six months plus.

For this week’s Valentine’s Day craft I have a very special feature. This craft is from two great mamas who teamed up and put together this festive post. Stacy from Taylor411 and Sherry from PersonalCreations collaborated to bring this adorable craft for Valentine’s Day. These adorable handprints are great to make with your toddler or even with your baby and give them as presents to dad or other family members. It’s also a great activity to do on this special day with your little ones. Even if your little one is too little for arts & crafts. Click below for the full directions.

6 Adorable Handprint Valentine’s Day Crafts

I’m really excited to share this one because you guys know how special purees are for me. They remind me of when my Emma was a tiny baby just learning how to eat solids. It’s one of my fondest memories of my motherhood journey so far. I think it’s very special and important to include our little babies in our holiday celebrations. There are always fun and creative ways they can be included even if they’re just a few days old. Hope those of you with infants this Valentine’s Day find this recipe and craft fun and helpful. Have a great week and I’ll see you guys here again next week to conclude this Valentine’s Day Series!

We’re getting closer to Valentine’s Day and today I am brining you a baby puree recipe for your baby to celebrate along with your family on this special day! This homemade baby food is healthy, nutritious and tasty for babies. It’s bright red color and sweetness makes it the perfect puree for your baby to celebrate Valentine’s Day.


  1. A wonderful idea. Ive made all my own baby food and i never once thought of beetroot. This looks delicious. Fab

    1. Thank you so much Gail!

  2. What a great recipe! I never thought about mixing beets, parsnips, raspberries and chia 🙂

    1. Thank you! I have to say it makes a great combo!

  3. This is such a wonderful and healthy way of ensuring the baby gets complete nutrition and all the benefits of food. I loved this recipe.

    1. That’s such a sweet comment! Glad you find it healthy and nutritious!

  4. Meagan

    This looks like another great purée recipe for me to try when the baby is old enough

    1. Oh that will be such a fun time!

  5. Love the color! Will have to try this one on baby boy #2 coming soon 🙂

    1. Yayy congrats on baby #2! It does have a very pretty color!

  6. Thanks for featuring Taylor411 on this post. It’s a very lovely article.

    1. Thanks for being willing to be a part of it! 😊

  7. ashley peavey

    This looks great! Definitely making some for my son!

    1. Hope your little guy likes it!

  8. Jenni Petrey

    This sounds like quite a delicious combination. Wonder if it could be made into a dip for adults, a few biscuits with it could be nice.

    1. I always turned leftover purées into sauces or dips for our meal! Lol

  9. I love beets in baby food. It cracks me up because they look like little vampires.

    1. Lol haha they really do!

  10. I love beetroot!!!! I think I will make this as a dip for us instead!!!! lol

    1. This would make a great dip!

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