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Learning How To Self Feed Using Kizingo Spoons

From the moment I found out I was pregnant I was excited not just about becoming a mom for the first time, but also about all the things I would get to teach my baby. I looked forward to being by her side and helping her hold her head up, roll over, take her first step, say her first word, and reaching all of these kinds of wonderful milestones. Introducing her to solids and making her homemade baby food was also something I couldn’t wait for. I was just so excited to get to see her react to different foods and how she would like them.

Baby food was a big part of our journey both for me as a first time mom and her as a growing baby. We both enjoyed it very much but before I knew it she was ready to move on from baby purees to more chewable foods. Then shortly after that she was ready to feed herself. While I would be feeding her she would reach out to her plate and grab a piece of her food and put it in her mouth and eat it. I thought it was the cutest thing and loved how naturally independent and curious my little girl was becoming.

I took these small sings as a cue that she was ready to start feeding herself without much help from me. From this moment, I would serve her plate and baby spoon with her food cut up into very small pieces and each food served on each side of her divider plate. It definitely got messy and a lot, if not most of the food ended up on the floor. Because of this I always made sure I served her more than enough food. I did notice that she wouldn’t use her spoon though. She would start my grabbing her spoon with one hand and try using it. Since pretty much all of the food would fall out of the spoon she would end up throwing it on the floor and just eating with her hands.

Around this time I happened to stumble upon this company that specialized in making spoons for infants. The company name is Kizingo and what caught my eye about these spoons was the way they were shaped. The handle is curved making it a lot easier for babies to hold it. The curve leads the spoon right into the babies mouth with a lot less food being dropped. Emma got the hang of these spoons pretty quickly and learned how to keep her hand steady while she fed herself.

These spoons made all the difference in helping my baby girl learn how to feed herself using her utensils instead of her hands. They have made mealtimes a lot easier for us. Now I can sit with her and eat my own meal much more relaxed. I don’t have to feed her or try to show her how to get a hold of her spoon. Once I’m done eating and Emma is still finishing up, I can get started on cleaning the kitchen and loading the dishes in the dishwasher. These spoons have helped us with more than just teaching Emma how to feed herself. They have also helped my daughter become more independent and self-sufficient.

Kizingo is an amazing company run by an amazing mom just like you and I. Kiyah is a nutritionist and a great mother who was determined to create a product to assist babies in the process of learning to eat solid foods. Just like me, eating healthy, local produce and homemade baby foods was an essential part of her journey as a new mom. The fact that the face behind this innovative, creative and astounding product is a hardworking and determined mother is what I like the most about this company. I love that these spoons are created by another mom who shares the same passion for healthy and nutritious foods for our babies as I do.

All of Kizingo’s products are 100% made in the USA. They are completely safe and certified as well as BPA, PVC, lead, latex and Phthalate free. This brings me and any parent peace of mind in knowing that our little ones are not inhaling any toxins from their utensils. As a parent it is very important to me that my daughter is not exposed to any kind of chemicals that can be harmful to her and her health. Using a product that assures me of this is essential to me as a consumer and a mother.

If you’re not convinced yet of how awesome these spoons are, then just wait until you see their wide selection of colors. They have the cutest and brightest colors that will certainly grab the attention of your baby. I think it’s pretty cool too that the spoons are named after a fruit or vegetable. And did I mention that they have these spoons available for both right handed and left handed kids? Seriously they have thought of everything when it comes to helping make baby feeding much easier.

Since finding this company on Instagram and using their products myself, I have built a personal relationship with them. We have worked together in the past to bring these cool spoons to the attention of other moms. They are certainly growing and I couldn’t be happier because I truly believe in this product and I am a huge fan.

To celebrate their success and Emma’s and I’s feeding success, we have partnered up to bring to you guys an awesome giveaway. The winner will get one right-handed spoon, one left-handed spoon, and a menu planner. This giveaway is being hosted on my Instagram page (@thepeacheepear) and must follow Kizingo on there too (@kizingokids). However, if you subscribe to both my blog and Kizingo’s mail list you will receive an extra 50 entries!! yes 50 extra chances to win this giveaway. Head over to to subscribe to their mail list and learn more about this amazing company! Go to my homepage and scroll down and you will be able to find my subscription box. Don’t forget to check our Instagram out to enter this giveaway!


New blog post! Today I talk about our experience in learning how to self-feed and how Kizingo Spoons made this journey easier for us. Plus an awesome giveaway!


  1. Wow! These look awesome! I️ wish I️ had known about them when my children were younger

    1. They’re pretty great spoons for toddlers!

  2. What an awesome company/idea and giveaway! I love how this spoon makes self-feeding SO easy! (Though I had to smile at your description of knowing when Emma was ready for this – that is how it’s supposed to work with most kids I guess, and it was like that w/my first, but my second has been feeding herself literally from day one, when she reached out and GRABBED the spoon from me before shoving her first bite into her mouth!)

    1. They’re such a great company! Lol that’s funny. Kids are so independent nowadays!

  3. Those are pretty neat spoons! I can see how they would help kids to feed themselves. They big scoop to hold with their little hands and that off center curve makes up for them scooping towards themselves. What a great spoon!

    1. Yes the design is great for toddlers to learn how to use their utensils.

  4. What a neat little spoon and product. I love all the colors! Anything to help littles with independent feeding is a plus in my book.

    1. It really is a great spoon and the colors is one of my favorite things about it!

  5. My daughter has recently started using a spoon and fork and I have noticed her twisting it onto the side. I wonder if this will work better ?

    1. I think these would be a big help. They’re design this way specifically for that reason and to help them get comfortable holding a spoon.

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