Why My Baby’s First Time Apple Picking Was So Special

This week we headed to Jaswell’s Farms in Smithfield, RI and went apple picking. This was our first official fall activity of the season. It was also Emma’s first time apple picking and I was excited to see how she would like it. Apple picking is one of my favorite fall activities and had been looking forward to doing it with my baby girl since last year.

Last fall we went to another farm with the intention of doing both apple and pumpkin picking. We got to pick some pumpkins but not apples. Something had happened with the trees that didn’t allow them to grow any apples for the season. I was bummed  because I thought it would have been nice to pick some apples with the baby even though she was very little.

I guess waiting a whole year was worth it however because she had a blast. Last year she wouldn’t have been able to enjoy herself as much as she did this week. She wasn’t walking yet last year around this time so she wouldn’t have been able to run around the whole farm like she did the other day.

As soon as we arrived to the farm Emma was excited to be there. It’s amazing how kids are not afraid to be free and just know how to have fun. They have no worries, no stress, nothing holding them back. I sat back and just watched her be free and enjoy herself.

As I pointed her to the apples and she realized what they were she got even more excited. She screamed “Apple, Apple!!” She really loves her apples (lol). She headed for the ones on the floor and started picking them up. She wanted to take all of them with her.

I then showed her how she could pick her own right off of the trees. This made her face light up even more. She ran around from tree to tree and looking through the apples picking her favorites. It was amazing to see how she instantly comprehended what she was doing and what this activity was all about.

In between the back and forth running she tripped over some of the apples on the floor or lost her balance and fell. But she got right back up and continued picking her own apples. Her shoes and clothes were covered in dirt and smashed apples. This usually makes me cringe but I had to fight my urge to clean her and just let her be a child.

This may seem like not a big deal or just another regular activity to do with your child. However, these are the small moments that we need to enjoy the most with our babies. They grow so fast and go through so many milestones. Soon she will be worried about her school work, about her dance recital, what college she’s going to get into, being too cool to go apple picking with her family. Time flies by and I want to hold on to every moment as long as I can before it quickly becomes a memory.

Seeing my daughter run around an apple field with no worry in the world put some prespective in life for me this week. It wasn’t too long ago when I was that little girl running up and down an open field just being a kid and not worrying about falling and getting dirty or getting hurt. Now I’m a mom and I’m responsible for another human being. My job is to protect her and lead her in the right direction until she finds her own way. Allowing her to be herself and create these special memories for her will help make her childhood memorable.

Spending this time with her and watching her have so much fun made this activity so special for me. It reminded me that it doesn’t take much to enjoy life. Being there breathing fresh air and smelling the apples was so simple yet so full of joy. My daughter had so much fun and was so excited to experience something new. Her smile and excitement made my day and I can’t wait to go apple picking every year from now on until she grows up and is ready to make traditions of her own.

We went apple picking with the baby for the first time this week. I share how this activity out some prespective and why it was so special.


  1. I love making memories with my babies. We have not done any apple picking. Might need to try it soon!

    1. It was a great experience to do with my baby 😊

  2. What a sweet post! I love tl see my two years old daughter run around and laughing like nothing in the world matter except that moment and instant…dont we wish to be a kid again?
    We havent been to apple picking this year yet, but we have been hunting for wild mushrooms a lot and she even know what kind to eat and not to eat!😂🙏

    1. There’s nothing like watching them be kids and boy do I wish I was one again lol. That sounds like so much fun too and she’s very smart to know the difference between which ones are safe to eat and which ones are not.

  3. Loved the first time I took my now three-year-old son apple picking! Fall has the absolute best outside activities!

    1. It’s a wonderful memory and fall definitely has the best activities!

  4. Sounds like you had so much fun! I was so excited to take my daughter apple picking this year too! She went last year but didn’t really understand. This year she had the same reaction,. running from tree to tree excited to be picking her own apples!

  5. She is so adorable

  6. That is so sweet, and such lovely photos too. I really love introducing children to our amazing natural world xx

    1. Thank you so much! I try to spend as much time outside with my daughter as possible.

  7. This looks like it was such a special time for the two of you! Glad you had a nice time!

    1. Thank you Lyndsey. It was very special!

  8. This was beautiful! I can’t wait to do things like this with my son!

    1. Thank you Brittany! you will have so much fun doing things like this with your baby boy!

  9. That’s so sweet making memories and having fun.

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